Appealing Against Assessment Decisions – Policy and Procedure


The purpose of this policy and procedure is to support students and staff to appropriately deal with disputes regarding assessment decisions. The support offered through this policy aims to resolve disputes effectively.

2. AIM

The aim of this policy is:

Students are able to appeal against assessment decisions, and the aim of the procedure is to resolve individual appeals in a manner that is fair and expedient. It is the Centre’s policy to resolve an individual appeal as early in the procedure as possible.


Appeals against assessment decisions are considered in an equitable open and expedient manner.

Stage 1

1.1 If a student wishes to make an appeal relating to an assessment, the matter should be raised initially with the relevant Assessor. The appeal should be raised orally in the first instance. This must be done within five working days of notification of the assessment decision. The course tutor must be informed.
1.2 The Assessor will attempt to resolve the complaint informally. He/she shall enquire into the appeal and will discuss it with the complainant, consider the information provided and advise the complainant of the decision. The decision will normally be communicated to the complainant orally, within five working days of the appeal being raised.
1.3 If, upon receipt of the decision, the complainant is still dissatisfied with the decision, he/she may progress the appeal to Stage Two.
1.4 All appeals must be made within five working days of the assessment feedback.

Stage 2

2.1 If the appeal has not been resolved at Stage One, the complainant may refer the appeal to the relevant Internal Verifier. The complainant must complete the form by providing full details of the complaint and should address it to the Internal Verifier (this information can be obtained via the Course tutor). This must be done within five working days of the end of Stage One.
2.2 The Internal Verifier will review the assessment decision with the Assessor the Course Tutor.
2.3 The Internal Verifier will consider all the matters pertaining to the assessment and determine the outcome, usually within 20 working days of receipt of the Stage Two appeal. The result of the appeal will be communicated to all parties.

Stage 3

3.1 If the complaint is not resolved to the satisfaction of the student at Stage Two, the appeal will be referred to an independent assessor. This must be done within five working days of the end of Stage Two.
3.2 The Independent Assessor will feed back their decision to the internal verifier and course tutor. The course tutor will inform the student of the outcome of the appeal.
3.3 Such decision will be final and will be communicated to all parties in writing. This will usually be within 20 days from receipt of the Stage Three appeal. The decision will then be binding.