Complaints Procedure

The Tara Centre takes complaints seriously


To provide counselling students with the opportunity to formally record concerns about the quality of his or her experience at the Tara Centre and to provide the Managers of the Tara Centre with an awareness of issues associated with complaints.


The underpinning principles associated with the complaints register are: –

• Openness
• Transparency
• Accountability
• Responsiveness and willingness to learn
• A drive for continuous improvement


In the first instance please attempt to resolve the issue informally. If this does not give a satisfactory outcome then please put all substantive complaints in writing to the Managers, within 4 weeks of the occurrence of the event. Please address your complaint to The Tara Centre, C/O Vicki Rice Weber, 2 Willow Grove, Green Rd, St. Clements, JE2 6QB.

Formal Complaint – Stage 1

After receipt of the complaint the Managers will write to the complainant within 5 working days, acknowledging receipt of the complaint, confirming initial action taken and arranging a meeting of
the appropriate parties.

All complaints will be recorded on the Formal Complaints Log.

Formal Complaint – Stage 2

Within 15 days of acknowledgement of the complaint the Managers will summarise findings, compile a response and send completed documentation to the complainant.

Formal Complaint – Appeal Stage

If complainant is not satisfied with the decision he/she can appeal against it within 20 working days by writing to the Managers who will allocate the complaint to an independent complaints investigator to review the appeal.

The independent complaints investigator will summarise findings, compile a response, detailing the final decision, and send completed documentation to the Managers and the complainant.

Please note: students can only refer complaints to CPCAB once the Tara Centre’s own internal complaints procedure has been followed.

NB Suggestions made in Evaluation forms or by other means, and Formal Complaints Logs will be evaluated periodically by the Managers and will be used in evidence in self-assessment

Complaints will be assessed to identify Equality and Diversity issues.

Where possible, action taken will be reported to the individual making the suggestions and in addition generally publicised.

Regular evaluation forms will provide a forum for monitoring student satisfaction. Evaluation forms will be reviewed within a week of completion and any
issues identified will be responded to within 14 days.