‘Tibetan Buddhism is a spiritual science of civilised happiness.’
Professor Joe Loizzo

Tibetan Buddhist Workshops

These workshops are for people who wish to discover more about the potential application of traditionally advanced Buddhist practices to daily life.

We will focus upon intention, visualisation, breathing and mantra, exploring the Indo-Tibetan model of the subtle body. Depending upon the group, we may also do some Tibetan yoga practices.

We will also explore what neuroscience has revealed about how these ancient practices and pathways affect the body and the brain drawing upon the work of Joe Loizzo and Lama Yeshe to activate the ‘bliss of inner fire'.

These will run from 9.30 to 12.30 in response to demand. We will try to be flexible in response to the group’s needs in relation to whether we run these on weekends or weekdays. Cost for the morning workshop is £20 but do contact us if you would like to attend but cannot afford the full cost.

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If you are interested in this workshop please telephone 07797 751895 or email us